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03 December 2007 @ 02:15 am
Whom; Matt and Mello
Rating; PG-13 hopefully. Matt swears a lot, though.
When; On a cold winter night sometime?
AUverse; Vampires
Summary; Matt and Mello are on an IMPORTANT MISSION. Matt's not very good at grasping "important".

Even the best of vampire hunters had to take occasional breaks to sleep, eat, and relax the mind, and so currently two such vampire hunters (who were questionably "the best") were in a dingy motel room in a motel off of some backwater road that nobody had ever heard of. The room was falling apart, the TV was coin-operated, and the red-haired hunter could swear that he had seen at least a dozen cockroaches since their arrival an hour ago.

But a bed was a bed, and the redhead was sprawled out on his, DS in hands. There was a lit cigarette in his mouth as he utterly disregarded the "DO NOT SMOKE" sign that was posted on one of the walls. His yellow-tinted goggles were slid partially up to allow him to see the screen better in the dim, flickering light of the room. Lying next to him on the bed was a crossbow, its ammunition spread around next to it randomly.

He hit a few buttons and his expression of intense concentration faded into a grin of triumph. "Fuck yeah! I just owned Dracula's fucking ass!"
empty_dialogue: Mello; WTF?!empty_dialogue on December 3rd, 2007 12:03 pm (UTC)
If they were the best, why are they even stuck in such a rundown motel? Riiiiight, because work dictated that they should go to a rural area and hunt down this one creature that has been apparently terrorising this one village, town… whatever. The best part? The people living there has no fucking clue what it was. Some said it drank blood, some said it ate corpses and farm animals. A vampire and werewolf crossbreed? A derisive snort escaped him even as he contemplated that. If anything, there was probably TWO of them wandering around.

Which was why they were stuck on this godforsaken place and they were in the motel room from hell.

He threw a dart, watching with mild satisfaction as it pinned a wandering cockroach to the wall. The sudden whoop of victory made him jump (No, he was not worried about a vampire attack, but it did not hurt to be on alert) and Mello turned to glare at his partner. “Do that one more time, and that game is going out of the window.”
Matt: thinkinggogglegeek on December 3rd, 2007 05:43 pm (UTC)
Matt rolled his eyes as Mello glared at him. The man was always so touchy during missions. It got annoying quickly. It wasn't like they were any real danger in the motel - no self-respecting vampire would touch this place, and a werewolf would probably go after the people on the first floor. This was a chance to get some relaxation.

Besides, he had a secondary excuse for the game. "But I'm practicing, Mello." He held up the DS, displaying the Castlevania title screen. "The game's all about fighting vampires and other undead monstrosities. I think we can pick up some tips from the main character. For one thing, we need to use more whips."

He paused. "And it'd probably be a good idea if you looked more like a girl. It seems to be important to the characters in here that they have to look like girls."
empty_dialogue: Mello; WTF?!empty_dialogue on December 3rd, 2007 06:26 pm (UTC)
Need moar Mello icons *makes note to hunt*
“And do, tell me. How in the world would a made-up game help us when most of it is not real?” He was losing patience fast. Patience was not his forte, hunting down creatures that go bump in the night was. “And what do you expect we do with whips? Whip our victims into submission?”

He would have walked up to Matt and kicked him off the bed, except he wondered if the bed was infested by fleas, ticks, mites and the like. But then again, his partner seemed perfectly fine and itch-free. Still, Mello thought it would be prudent to wait for another hour before he tried the bed out himself.

His line of thoughts was broken by Matt’s last remark. The glare was back in full force. It was lucky of the other that he said ‘looked more like’ instead of ‘looked like’ or he may find himself with a gun between his eyes. Self-control, Mello. Self-control. “… You better not be hinting at what I think you are hinting at.”
Matt: evil gringogglegeek on December 3rd, 2007 08:35 pm (UTC)
Matt had to stifle a laugh at Mello's anger. It was always fun and easy to tick the blond man off, and he was (at least mostly) certain that Mello wouldn't actually ever shoot him. Probably. Although if Mello was out of chocolate, all bets were off in that regard. Luckily, Matt was fairly sure that Mello had a good supply.

He sat up in bed to look fully at Mello, the bed creaking and groaning in protest at the movement. "All I am saying, Mello," he said in as calm a voice as he could manage without cracking up, "is that if you were to put on a white dress, stand in the window, and go "Oh, I hope no vampires bite my beautiful, slender neck and drain my virginal maiden blood!", we might actually make some progress in this hunt. Vampires dig blond chicks, I think."
empty_dialogue: Mello; This close to blowing a hole in yempty_dialogue on December 4th, 2007 03:09 am (UTC)
The idea was stupid, and dumb, and oh, did he mention stupid?

Mello felt ridiculous. How Matt managed to convince him to wear a dress was still beyond him. He stopped at the point where he had to change out of his leather pants. Oh no, he is keeping his pants. After all, if he was convinced into wearing this… puffy atrocity of a dress, there is a slight chance that may be a vampire stupid enough to fall for this.

“This had better work!” he hissed angrily at his partner from his position by the window.
Matt: evil gringogglegeek on December 4th, 2007 03:28 am (UTC)
It was still amazing that Matt had gotten Mello to agree to this. When he had suggested the dress, he had been certain that Mello was going to punch him in the face repeatedly at the least, and so the results of his work were pleasantly surprising.

He tried to keep himself from laughing of the sight of the blond man in his lovely new dress, but he couldn't quite stifle the giggles. "D-don't worry, Mello!" he insisted. "Any vampire would be charmed by the sight of a damsel like yourself!"
empty_dialogue: Mello; From way backempty_dialogue on December 4th, 2007 05:38 am (UTC)
And the blonde would do just that, if no vampire fell for this bait. He shifted his sitting position on the ledge of the window. Hell, how exactly does one ‘act’ weak anyway? Mello was no vampire, he had no idea what appealed to them… and damned if he did.

He shot another glare at his partner, the stutter in his words made it apparent that the other was having fun in his expense. That was it! He was not taking this any longer.

At the very exact moment that the blonde got up with the single intention to go over to where his partner was hiding to give him the tongue lashing and punch he most definitely deserved (Really now, laughing at the person you appointed as bait? Especially someone who is proficient with all sorts of lethal weaponry? Not the wisest of course. Not when the person is known for a nasty temper.), a shadow behind him shifted and Mello sidestepped just in time to avoid himself from being grabbed by the dark figure.

What did you know? There was a vampire stupid enough to fall for this after all.
Matt: HE'S GOT A HAIRDRYER RUNgogglegeek on December 4th, 2007 05:45 am (UTC)
As soon as Matt saw the figure appear, he raised his crossbow and aimed, any trace of humor gone from his face. The bolts were custom designed for their purposes - solid wood, with crosses etched into each for a bit of extra damage even if they didn't strike the heart on the first try. Matt had tried soaking them with holy water once, but the results had been... mildew-y at best, and so the crosses were enough for now.

As soon as he was sure he had his aim down, he hit the release on the crossbow, the stake shooting straight for the vampire's heart. He had always prided himself on his aim, which had been refined from years of twitch-action shooter games.
empty_dialogue: Mello; This close to blowing a hole in yempty_dialogue on December 4th, 2007 07:37 am (UTC)
As much as Mello felt like throttling his partner at times, he knew he could count on the redhead to back him up in any situation. At the same moment when Matt fired the bolts, the blond ducked, narrowly missing a clawed hand as he rolled to the shelves next the window and pulled out another crossbow from underneath.

The bolts may be fast, but so was the vampire. He moved fast enough to avoid being shot at his vital parts, but not fast enough to dodge them fully. A scream of anger and pain filled the room as a bolt found its way into the thigh of the vampire. The undead stopped in his tracks from the pain, desperately trying to pull out the bolt.

He got a clear view of the vampire in the moonlight. Male, young, most likely sixteen or seventeen, and from the obvious… lack of experience, a fledgling. The wound on his thigh was smoking, even as he wrenched it out and threw it aside angrily.

Not good. A pissed vampire was about as predictable as a raging bull in a china shop. They have better end it quick and hope that its sire was not around. Fighting two vampires in a enclosed room was not high of his list. It was downright suicidal. Enhanced speed and strength? Nope, definitely not his cup of tea.

Mello aimed the crossbow and fired off another set of bolts.
Matt: HE'S GOT A HAIRDRYER RUNgogglegeek on December 4th, 2007 07:48 am (UTC)
The vampire was still moving enough that none of Mello's bolts struck the heart, but it was enough to damage the vampire and paralyze it. Good. That was all that Matt really needed - to make certain that it was immobile long enough to get the one shot he really needed.

He had reloaded and readied the crossbow while Mello had been shooting, and now he raised it to point directly at the thing's heart, careful to aim such that there was no chance of hitting Mello.

The bolt flew and buried itself deeply into the monster. It swayed briefly and then collapsed, becoming just a simple corpse. It was over.

Matt sighed with relief and lowered his weapon. "Well, that's fucking over with."
empty_dialogue: Mello; Chocolatesempty_dialogue on December 4th, 2007 09:42 am (UTC)
The blond loaded the crossbow with more bolts, walking up to the corpse as he did so. He pulled his skirt up, moving the body with the tip of his boots. Satisfied that it was not about to move anytime soon, Mello turned back to his partner, quietly making sure that the other was not wounded.

“That was fast.” Well, it was already expected, they were not the best for nothing. “Looks like we were called out here for nothing. But we shall have to watch out for his sire.” Not caring that his partner was still in the same room as he his, Mello ripped the dress off and allowed it to fall to the fall. He was not wearing it a moment longer than he have to.

“The usual? Or shall we get the villagers to burn it?”
Matt: thinkinggogglegeek on December 4th, 2007 09:52 am (UTC)
"I doubt he was the only one," Matt replied, watching with a certain amount of interest as his partner ripped the dress off. The other man really did have a nice build, and Matt took a moment to admire it - not that he was interested in that sort of thing, of course. It was just him making sure that his partner was still in good physical shape. "He seemed too weak to do everything we've been hearing about. The sire's probably who we're here after."

He took a moment to consider the other man's question. "Probably it'd be best if we got rid of it ourselves. I'm not sure I trust any of the people around here with fire."
empty_dialogue: Mello; Chocolatesempty_dialogue on December 4th, 2007 01:27 pm (UTC)
It was along the same lines of thought the blond had. A fledgling was seldom alone without its sire, unless… there were many possibilities. One was that the sire was using him as a distraction, or as a game. Who knows what a vampire thinks anyway? Except for the fact they did. It came part and parcel with their job. But the most likely answer would be that the sire is up and about… and very likely knows that his childe is dead in every sense of the word.

He did not notice the other looking at him any differently than the other usually did. The blond kicked the dress aside and he made his way to where their equipments were.

“We will just have to take turns staying up then.” He took a bar of chocolate from the top of their bag, tearing off the paper and foil off with practiced ease and took a bite. That, felt much better. Mello looked down at the corpse once again. “He’ll have to wait for a while longer then.”
Matt: thinkinggogglegeek on December 4th, 2007 07:38 pm (UTC)
Matt nodded, setting his crossbow aside on the bedside table. "Sounds like a plan. 4-hour watch shifts?"

He flopped backwards onto the bed, which made an alarming noise that sounded somewhat like a dying robotic goat. "You can have first watch, okay? I'm exhausted." He had staked the damn thing, surely he had rights to the bed first. "I'll see you in four hours." He started to slowly close his eyes.
empty_dialogue: Mello; Chocolatesempty_dialogue on December 5th, 2007 02:52 am (UTC)
The immediate thought that came to mind was to boot Matt off the bed and make him take the first shift. “Fine, you better be up then.” His tone hinted that there would be dire consequences otherwise.

He pulled on his shirt, taking out a book before settling himself beside his partner. The bed creaked in an alarming manner and Mello pondered for a moment before deciding no, he did not need or want to know the reason, at least not when the first reason that was coming to mind was something undesirable.

Matt: thinkinggogglegeek on December 5th, 2007 02:57 am (UTC)
Matt wasn't an insomniac, and he was well on his way to sleep when Mello spoke. For a moment he considered answering Mello's query with a crossbow bolt to the face, but winding the damn thing would require far more effort than Matt was willing to muster at the moment. Instead, he just opened one eye and stared at Mello blankly.

empty_dialogue: Mello; From way backempty_dialogue on December 5th, 2007 04:01 am (UTC)
“If words of me wearing a dress ever leaks out, it is your ass that I will be coming after.” He flipped it to where he has left off calmly, taking another bite from his chocolate bar. The fact that there was a corpse of a dead vampire in the same room did not seem to trouble them at all.
Matt: evil gringogglegeek on December 5th, 2007 04:13 am (UTC)
Matt grinned slightly, closing his eyes again. "Don't worry, Mello." He debated adding something else - something about the photos being for blackmail purposes only or something along those lines - but sleep was preferable to being knocked into unconsciousness forcibly.

Fairly quickly, he was asleep.